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Gentle Yoga with Nicole Clark
Saturday Mar 28, 10:30am-12:00pm

This gentle, therapeutic flow provides students the space and encouragement they need to slow down and allow the breath to support the body. Learn how to give a body the safe space and downtime it needs to heal, providing the integrity and sense of peace we all need to thrive and to grow, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


​Working with Adjustments, Injuries & Modifications: Twisting Focus with Nicole Clark
Saturday Mar 28, 12:30-3:30pm

The difference between a good yoga teacher and a great one is the ability to make every person in the room feel seen and attended to. For some students, this means a simple adjustment to refine or help them sink deeper into an asana. For others, it means having the tools to help them work around or modify for injury, pain, or illness – both physical and emotional.

In this hands-on workshop, Nicole Clark will share her deep knowledge of both the anatomical and psycho-emotional bodies to lead teachers toward safe and practical solutions for adjusting, modifying, and addressing injuries for students of all stripes.... 
Align Your Flow: Hip Opening and Arm Balancing with Natasha Rizopoulos
Sunday April 19, 3pm-5pm

Take your practice to the next level in this comprehensive and challenging exploration of Vinyasa Yoga.  

Whatever your level of experience, Natasha’s ability to communicate the fundamental principles of breath and alignment will help you to refine and deepen your practice. Her teaching style combines a sense of humor and fun with a passionate commitment to sharing the tools that will help students explore their yoga with integrity and intelligence, so that they can experience greater joy and ease in practice and beyond.

For many students Arm Balances seem like a family of poses for another species. But when we free the pelvis and cultivate the Core, the door opens and this rich family of poses suddenly becomes accessible and inviting. We’ll use supine, standing and seated postures to help you uncover your next layer of mobility, and then marry this work to the stability needed for Arm Balances. Prepare to surprise yourself.​