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Holistic Handstands with Aaron Cantor
Saturday April 16, 12:00pm-2:00pm

Tips, tools, and techniques that will help you master the up-side-down realm. Handstands are more than a cool trick. They are a way to expand our model of reality. In the process of learning handstands, habitual patterns of thinking and feeling must be expanded to include new possibility. Handstands require a reexamination of our assumed limitations, and a cultivation of new capacities. Seen holistically, handstands arise from an open exploration of body and balance. In this workshop, we create the conditions from which basic handstand skills spontaneously emerge, and high-level handstand mastery effortlessly evolves. Aaron’s inquiry-based approach to cultivating embodied skill is effective and fun.

Yin Yoga & Insight Meditation with Josh Summers
Clearing the Path From the Inside Out
Saturday May 14, 1pm-4pm

In yoga and meditation, we often hold concepts about what the practice means, concepts about where the path of practice is going. These concepts work underground, largely unquestioned. And for many, these conceptual assumptions often create tensions and frustrations in practice.

In this workshop, using Yin Yoga and Seated Meditation as contemplative ‘laboratories’ for investigation, Josh will suggest ways to explore many commonly held ‘concepts’ that operate within practice...

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