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Yoga Tree 8 Year Anniversary Celebration Weekend Aug 3-5

Join us for a weekend of awesome yoga and community. We will celebrate our yoga kula in style with a weekend of discounted, specially themed yoga classes and our signature anniversary SALE. This highly anticipated weekend is well attended so be sure to pre-register for the classes you would like to attend! All classes are ONLY $2 CASH drop-in at door. We look forward to seeing you! 


9:15-10:45am Fire Up Your Flow ($2) with Shauna


Join Shauna for a Friday morning fun, upbeat, vinyasa flow class! Shauna will lead you through a sweaty, creative, well thought out sequence to prepare you for a more challenging but accessible peak pose. This class is open to all practitioners; modifications will be offered for both the beginner and more advanced student. 

6:00-7:30pm Friday Night Celebration Flow w/ Caroline ($2) ***(featuring LIVE Music)***

This 90 minute celebratory vinyasa flow practice, features LIVE ACOUSTIC music. Come celebrate YOU and our 8 Years of wonderful memories as a yoga community here in Haverhill. Expect to build heat, sweat, stretch, strengthen and then cool it all down with some deeply restful postures. All levels welcome. Advance registration recommended.

7:30-8:30pm OPEN HOUSE

Join us for light refreshments to celebrate our sweet yoga community. Whether you have been practicing at the studio for many years, or brand new, we hope you can join us!


8:00-9:30am Foundations Flow to Ground and Connect (Great for Beginners!)- ($2)

 Embrace the abundance the summer with a basics vinyasa practice, offering just the right amount of sweat and surrender. Balance the energy of summer by exploring Apana Vayu, grounding earthbound energy in the body. After rooting through standing and seated asanas, settle in for some deeply restorative and yin postures. Perfect for beginners or anyone looking to build strong foundations.

10-11:30am Rock Hop n’ Pop Vinyasa ($2) with Julia Tirabassi


This strongly athletic vinyasa yoga class will include all the best elements of summer fun rolled into one rockin’ practice - you can expect to get silly, work hard, play hard, and have a blast. Set to a soundtrack of rock, hip hop, and pop tunes, this class is a bit out of the box and WAY FUN! Come prepared to sweat, smile, work hard and have a wicked good time. LET'S ROCK!

4:00-5:30 Aroma Flow with Casey ($2)

Yoga helps with so many aspects of our daily lives from our physical health to our spiritual awareness. It is often believed by many that adding essential oils to your daily routines you can live a more relaxed and healthy lifestyle. Come experience a new level of your practice as we incorporate yoga and essential oils in an immersive experience. This class is an all levels vinyasa flow class which will include sections of meditation, flow and yin/restorative poses. All attendees receive their own roller bottle to take home and continue their practice off the mat!


8:30-10am Reggae Flow to Surrender with Sarah Oleson ($2)

Join Sarah for this extra special Sunday morning practice, a vinyasa flow set to upbeat and downtempo reggae. Feel the riddim of your breath as you ride the wave of sweat to surrender. All levels welcome.

10:30am-12:00pm Slow Flow with QiGong ($2) w/ Adelaide

Move slowly, with detail, grace, and strength. Moving slowly through yoga postures allows for anatomical awareness, deliberate breathing, and enhanced presence in the body. Rather than simply using your body to do the posture, use the posture to investigate your body! Integrate your yogic work with practices from the qigong lineage, including shaking, tapping, and freeform movement. A luscious combination of effort, clarity, ease, and freedom.


4:00-5:30pm Chakra Flow ($2) with Kacy

The chakras are the seven major energy centers in the body in which our energy flows through. Blocked energy in our chakras can often lead to illness and disease. In this vinyasa we will guide you through a series of asanas (yoga postures) specific to the chakra we are focusing on to clear these energy centers. This is an all levels class where we will work from the ground up!