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Mom & Baby Yoga - 6 Week Series with Adelaide Gross

This class is for moms who are getting to know their new bodies after childbirth! We will be using a vocabulary of specific yoga postures and breathing techniques selected to be safe and helpful for the postpartum body. Expect a focus on upper back and shoulders, the muscles of the trunk, and the pelvic floor. In addition, this class will incorporate principles from pilates and functional movement. Come to connect with your body and baby, to work smarter rather than harder, and to meet and spend time with other parents of small humans.

Pre-mobile babies are welcome! Changing babes, crying, feeding, it’s all good! Please bring a blanket for your little one and other items that will help keep you both comfortable. In addition to the instructor, this class is assisted by a baby-loving yogi , happy to hold, carry, or otherwise help with a baby. Parents of multiples, reach out! We’d love to have you and can support you better if we know how many babes you’re bringing.

Are your little one(s) already crawling or running around? You’re still welcome to come without your littles. Birthing parents at any stage of their postpartum journey are invited.

Dates for This Session: Mar 9 - Apr 13*

 COST: $110

*This class is run as a 6 week series