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Journey Through The Chakras with Brenna Matthews

Chakras are the main energy sources of the subtle body. Literally meaning 'wheel' in Sanskrit, these 7 power centers line up along the vertical axis of the body. Starting at the pelvic floor and moving to the crown of the head, each center corresponds with major nerve bundles and organs as well as emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being . When healthy, they spin rapidly to continuously receive and release Prana (universal energy).

In this workshop we will use asana, pranayama, chanting, and meditation to connect with and balance each Chakra.


About Brenna:

Yoga has always made sense to me. Even before I knew what the term was or completed a class, I had the understanding that everything is connected. When I started practicing and living mindfully and holistically, it felt like coming home. I teach because I want the world to be a more loving place, and I think it can start by more people looking within (perhaps in my yoga class)

During my younger years, I played division 1 college soccer and ran half and full marathons. Because of this, I’ve come to appreciate the softness yoga can offer. In my classes, I try to offer this element of softness while challenging the body through measured breathing and creative sequencing.

I am ever an eager student of the practice. I have studied touch, adjustments, and anatomy extensively with Nicole Clark, Zach Dacuk, and Ame Wren. I am also on my way to completing an 850+hr massage therapy program and intend to start of a bodywork practice.

COST: $30 (by Nov 29; $35 after)