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Yin Yang Yogis with Caroline Pineau & Gin Evans (class at Repose Yoga in Newburyport)

GET OUT OF THE COLD AND JOIN CAROLINE PINEAU OF THE YOGA TREE, Haverhill and Gin Evans of Repose Yoga, Newburyport for a warm and welcoming, mid-winter practice. We’ll balance the opposites of yin and yang with complementary practices, taking you through a 45 minute form-based flow that includes twists and backbends followed by passively held yin poses with a focus on the hips. Experience a balance of movement and stillness, strengthening and stretching, and warming and cooling. All enthusiastic yogis and yoginis are welcome!

with Repose Yoga & The Yoga Tree (please note that this class will be held at Repose Yoga, 49 Liberty Street, Newburyport. NOT in Haverhill).

$20 cash only donation--- accepted at the studio the day of the event.

No preregistration required.
Donations will go to the Women’s Residence at the YWCA in Newburyport